Investing in the talent of people is our top most priority. Our key success drivers are project planners, implementers, people who have expertise in the diverse fields like power,oil&gas,electrical and many other related fields.

SJK POWERGEN welcomes people who have the innate qualities of commitment, integrity, self-drive, focus and ingenuity, and who can demonstrate leadership through an effective teamwork and continuous improvement. We believe that people with determination and aptitude to work through unlimited challenges can contribute towards a sustainable self growth along with an unparalleled company’s growth.

If you have the skill and attitude to challenge yourself at every step, to create path breaking innovations in the fields of power,oil&gas,electrical sector contact us today.

We are well equipped to nurture emerging talent and encourage constant knowledge and skill development, which in turn can help in building strategic business and client partnerships.

Join the awe-inspiring team of experts and work with us to pursue our dream of creating innovative power solutions to the world!