HR Philosophy

SJK POWERGEN contributes to the development of a community of innovative and motivated employees.
“If you’re the best …. Someday you will work here”

SJK POWERGEN is committed to creating an impressive platform for dynamic career and personal growth, through equity and integrated procedures and policies. At SJK POWERGEN, innovation and perfect implementation are given priority. Prosperity in our business is achieved by embracing the individual competencies of employees in conjunction with their contribution towards team development and overall contribution. Each individual is fostered with the required care, respect and recognition through policies that promote positive employee relationships and morale.

The HR policy of hiring, retaining and developing responsible employees is supported with the following:

SJK POWERGEN recognizes talent and skill through individual ability and performance at work. None of the employment related decisions are based on factors like age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, color, or physical abilities.
SJK POWERGEN is committed to provide a favorable working environment that supports the morale, respect and dignity of all the employees. Employees are expected to work in tandem and show qualities of mutual respect, understanding and cooperation amongst each other.
Employees have the right to stay free of any kind of workplace harassment. SJK POWERGEN does not tolerate inappropriate conduct, physical or verbal abuse directed towards other employees, whether intentional or unintentional.