Oil & Gas Equipment


2/3 Phase Separator System / Skids

  • Primary equipment for Separation of Liquid & Gas (Two Phase) or Oil, Water & Gas (Three Phase) from Oil Well Stream
  • Designed & Manufacture as per API 12J
  • Internal Inlet Impingement Baffles, Wave Baffles, Flow Straightening Baffles, Weirs, Mist Eliminators & Vortex Breakers provided for effective Separations
  • Equipment adequately designed to allow sufficient retention period
  • Controls & Instrumentation provided to accurately measure the Gas, Oil & Water Flow rates, Regulate the Pressure and Monitor the levels of Oil, Water in the Separator
  • Automated Liquid (Oil & Water) removal system provided
  • Large Size / Pressure Range
  • Compact, Skid Mounted System can also be provided